Meeting the Future With Conservative Views

Meeting the Future With Conservative Views

Ronald Reagan was born a hundred years ago and his conservative views have spread and taken root to a substantially greater extent than could possibly have been predicted when he was elected President of the US. We have a restored sense of patriotism and freedom. People are proud to stand on their own and fend for themselves.
An individual having a conservative approach to life relies on himself or herself for sustenance and support. He or she sees no requirement to rely on a governmental bureaucracy for help or assistance. They will donate to a favorite charitable organization to assist the poor because the charitable organization can assist people that need support much more efficiently compared to any governmental bureaucrat.

Religion is really a significant force for any particular person having conservative views. The existence and worship of a supreme being will help the conservative to cope with the day-to-day challenges of living. Religion provides answers to concerns in a reassuring, positive manner that nonbelievers cannot understand.
The conservative will stand up for beliefs held dear. If that means preparing for war then so be it. On the other hand, when it comes to an individual’s own safety, the very best friend a person can have is known as Smith and Wesson. The Constitution gives a right to bear arms for self protection and no one really should feel vulnerable in his or her home.

An individual with conservative views is most particularly upset about the intrusion of a government, specifically the Federal government, into his or her affairs. An individual basically should not be forced to wade through a maze of restrictions to begin or run a company when he’s helping his fellow man by supplying jobs. Nor should an individual be required to turn over, in the form of taxes, enormous pieces of wealth he or she has created through his own industry and hard work to support some bureaucrat who has certainly not produced a thing for himself, let alone for other individuals. Draining hard earned cash from a self supporting, job providing individual so it may be frittered away on ridiculous projects is really a major obstruction to self starters who understand how to look after themselves.

The popularity of conservative views should not come as a surprise. The best nation in the world is actually a bastion of independence and that freedom, as much as anything else, implies that individuals really should be at liberty to go about their personal affairs without having the interference of other people, in particular those whose interference is based on some half baked, ill conceived law that was in no way in the minds of our forefathers. Conservatism has been resurrected. It really is beneficial for our nation and it’s the path to the future.

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