Report: US could house immigrant children at military bases

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Report: US could house immigrant children at military bases
Recent surge of Central American immigrants coming to the U.S. has Health and Human Services reportedly looking at four military bases that could be used to …

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UK political elites accused of blocking Brexit
Great Britain remains divided over vote to break from the European Union; insight on ‘The Next Revolution.’ FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour …

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Putin’s Longest Standing Opponent, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Gave Us Vodka For Trump
VICE on HBO’s Ben Ferguson went to Russia to speak with voters, candidates, and opposition figures barred from running in the hopes of discovering how …

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AP reporter forcibly removed from EPA summit
Journalists from CNN, AP and E&E News were denied entry and forced out of Scott Pruitt’s EPA briefing; Trace Gallagher reports. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a …

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Worldwide Reactions to the U.S. Election | The New York Times
Many abroad embraced Barack Obama as America’s next president, proclaiming that America is once again an example for the rest of the world. Subscribe to …

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