Traditional Conservatism

Traditional Conservatism

Traditional Conservatives, dying breed or comeback kid?

Dinosaurs are now not the only ones that have faced an untimely departure. Today traditional conservatism walks in the footsteps of the creatures that once roamed the earth but with a new but small surge of interest in conservative values, most of them usually Ron Paul supporters, Traditional conservatism seems to be making a comeback in America. Why and how was traditional conservatism saved and in what way will it sculpt the future of 21st century politics?

The traditional conservative movement was started in Europe then moved to the United States in the 19th century under the Federalist Party. It then was gradually adopted by the Whig party as the successors of the Federalist. Then finally it found a permanent home in the Republican Party, at least we thought so. Since its introduction to America it has produced 22 out of 44 presidents, some of those 22 being, Abraham Lincoln, Millard Fillmore, Gerald Ford and Dwight Eisenhower. In the mid 1900s, Neo-conservatism was born, it took some of the traditional conservative values while contradicting most. One of the major contradictions is the traditional conservative isolationist like foreign policy and Neo-conservative’s hawkish interventional foreign policy. Through the vast contrast in key policies these political ideologies were able to coexist within the same party, due to Neo-conservatism’s little popularity. This all changed in the 1970s, when many prominent liberals shifted to the conservative side of the spectrum, whilst infusing liberal ideology with conservative ideology, giving way to Neo-conservatism. This movement oversaw the making of Ronald Reagan into our 40th president and dealing the first blow to traditional conservatism, with George H.W Bush and George Bush almost completing what was started in the 1970s.

Revival: In recent years, with Americas next generation readies to become Americas engine, traditional conservatives have found a way to deliver their message to the youth of America (including myself). The new traditional conservatives are energetic and have been able to sway local elections and gain delegates for their candidates with ease but instead of harnessing the ability of these young people the GOP has tried in all their power to suppress the involvement of this new movement.

Most of the young traditional conservatives have lived most if not all their life with America at war. Traditional conservatives have realized the gruesome experiences and vast death that are associated with war in which no one truly wins. With that it is easy to understand why so many young Americans are against intervention of America in the affairs of countries. Barack Obama’s 2008 platform included a non-interventionist foreign policy, that year he received 66% of the 18-29 vote.

The young generation of fiscal conservatives have adopted the strictest fiscal policy that makes Rand Paul’s budget plan look like it was drafted by Nancy Pelosi. They have decided the government should return to its constitutional boundaries and control their spending. The government has been viewed as spending money unnecessarily and with a current President that has spent more in one term than Bush spent in two, not to mention an almost $17 trillion debt and government subsidies, reform is being cried out for.

Future: With the new generation of traditional conservatives poised to capture the Republican Party and sway the Democratic Party, I see a future of no debt but yearly surpluses. An army that protects Americas’s citizens not interferes with the citizens of other countries and lastly a stronger Constitution.

What do you believe the future has in store for them?

– Political Realist

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