WHY MICHELE BACHMANN IS SET FOR A SECOND SURGE: The Biblical Precedent for Electing a Conservative Woman President

WHY MICHELE BACHMANN IS SET FOR A SECOND SURGE: The Biblical Precedent for Electing a Conservative Woman President

Many people forget that Michele Bachman had a first surge that briefly made her the GOP Presidential Primary frontrunner.

But that may have been because many Bible believing Christians loved her values and spunk but quickly had ‘buyer’s remorse’ as second thoughts kicked in, wondering if it is biblically correct to have a woman president.
So, the question is: Is there a biblical precedent for a woman President?
In a word: Deborah.

The book of Judges, chapter 5, explains an eerily similar pattern to today’s political and economic state of America. Ancient Israel had fallen on tough times. They had rejected Yahweh God and embraced the ways of the heathens. They were surrounded by their enemies, and their men didn’t have the moral fortitude to do what was necessary to survive. Enter Deborah, a prophetess, a righteous judge and a ‘Mother in Israel’ (read: Congresswoman Bachmann today).

A man named Barak (really; not making this stuff up) was supposed to lead the Israel to fight evil Jabin’s army commander Sisera but Barak wimped out, refusing to go alone and that he’d only be willing to go if Deborah went with him. So Deborah boldly stepped up to the plate, prophesying that the glory would go to a woman and not to Barak. And that victory came when Deborah’s ally Jael (also a woman) drive a tent peg nail through the temple of General Sisera, killing him and leading to Israel enjoying peace for 40 years.

So how does this apply today for Christians who believe it is better for a conservative man to lead our nation?
Simple. A long line of conservative men had their shot and fizzled. Rick Perry and Herman Cain surged and fizzled. Ron Paul is a great man but of another ‘denomination’ (Libertarian). So is Mitt, except doubly (a Mormon and a liberal). Newt is a serial adulterer and an consummate insider. Tough to tell know which is worse for political evangelicals. Huntsman is Bob Dole once removed.

That only leaves Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. And while Rick stands for the right issues, he has proven to be shaky in the past in the heat of battle such was the case when he inexplicably backed liberal Arlen Spector in Pennsylvania instead of Conservative Pat Toomey.

This leaves Michele Bachmann for a second surge, according to WebToday.tv
I realize this may sound impossible. But with Yahweh God, all things are possible–but only in His will and His timing.

The only question is: Have the conservative men truly been depleted? If so, the Creator of the universe may once again send a woman to do a man’s job.

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